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siding filling window

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One or more windows in some drawings fill with siding. Even when lined up perfectly in a pair, one window will fill in. I have deleted the window and put a new symbol in and as soon as I position it the siding shows up. I have compared all the info in the object info pallet with other clear windows and it matches.

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Back in February, I had the same problem with siding and my windows, every other window but one was working and all had exactly the same settings. No one ever solved it even after 2 emails. The only thing I could say would be since mine was textured with siding and yours also, maybe it has something to do with the supplied siding textures. (assuming you used a supplied siding texture) I really don't know how a texture could do that but since Feb. I've rendered about 30 homes with no siding and I haven't had a problem. The first and only with siding was in Feb. and it's still not right, so after rendering I just fixed it in P.S.

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There are generally two reasons why this happens: 1) The window is not "in wall". You can check this in the Object Info Palette by single clicking on the window in question. Or 2) there is duplicate wall. (More often than I'd like to admit I create accidental duplicates by hitting the option key instead of the shift key. It's not that I don't know the difference, just that I'm a lousy typist!).You can check this by simply selecting the entire wall and then hitting the delete key. Then, if needed, you can hit "command z" (same as "undo") to go back a step or two. Hope that helps.

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So I checked my file, and it's not the siding that's the problem, It's a "Window in Wall" with only one wall also, a tiny little bit of the framing is visible and the rest is covered. I sent this file to Nemetschek and last I heard (February) they looked at it then said they were going to give it to an engineer to look at and that was the last thing I've heard.

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What happens if that window has the "Use Wall Depth" OIP box checked?

What happens if you leave the box unchecked and specify a frame depth slightly greater than your wall thickness?

What happens when you render with Renderworks as opposed to Open GL?

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Well after all that, the only thing that changed was when I unchecked the use wall depth box, the centimeter or so of framing that was visible disappeared. I noticed that when I go into top/plan view the problem window disappears, only the lines showing the insertion point remain present, probably the same small section I see when rendering in Renderworks or OpenGL. I tried replacing the window and flipping repeatedly, but to no aveil.

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So, for some reason when I was in top/plan mode I offset the window, clicked on the wall area and found that the rectangle was actually some second window with absolutely no detail. I deleted it reset my problem window and it still doesn't work. So now it shows in Top/plan but still fills with texture

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My last thought is to go through this little exercise:

Drag a copy of the wall perpendicular off the original.

Shorten the original wall from whichever end is closest, back past the troubling window, losing any windows between it and the end.

Re-extend and connect the wall.

Drag windows directly from the copy you first made back into this wall. Use a copy of a working window in place of the one that wasn't just as a final precaution.

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SacSurfin' - I've sent a few different emails like this to the engineers to evaluate. They are still working on the problems.

Can you explain which situation yours is?

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