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Wireless Mice for Vectorworks

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That CadMouse does seem to be an improvement over my favorite, Razer's Death Adder (not wireless). I've had days where my scroll wheel finger has gotten muscle stress from pushing down and holding that button too much, which I lay blame on Adobe's Acrobat products and their panning technique. I've only worn out one Razer mouse in over five years. Possibly too much dirt or film build up inside made for unresponsive movements and jumpy scroll wheel. Oddly enough the worn out one continues to function when used with a mouse pad.

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I've got a great wireless Logitech mouse M557 for CAD but for whatever reason, the middle button doesn't actually trigger the 3D flyover tool. In the mouse prefs, the middle button is set to the middle button. I see the Flyover logo when I hit control click, but it doesn't flyover when I pan the mouse around. Anyone else run into this? 

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