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Grain direction, Renderworks texture


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Is there a way to manipulate the grain direction of a single plane of an extrude?  I have bench with a wood grain, but I want the top of it running horizontally, while the rest is vertical.  See attached image.  How do I get the top ledge grain direction running left to right?


Screen Shot 2019-08-28 at 10.31.02.png

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One of my greatest bug bears with VW is the lack of being able to map textures. There is a workaround for your issue. Extract the surface, extrude by 1mm and add the texture to the new object and set in the correct direction. The image shows that you should select face mode and make sure you Create Planar Objects. Then you can extrude and re-map. 




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I was afraid that was going to be the answer I got.  Really, I thought this was supposed to be real, professional software.  Can't even change grain direction on something?? 


Crazy.  Maybe the next Teaser Tuesday can show that basic functionality is now working!


Thanks for your reply....

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If you care about Vw ever improving the current sad state of texture mapping capabilities, please don't forget to go over to this old wish-list thread and 'Up-Vote' it (by clicking the arrow to the left of the topic title at the top of the page).


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I have spent such a long time on this subject over the years as it is so important to VW interior design.


A few years back I had a long discussion with Jim about this and he was very doubtful it would ever happen. At the time my view was that we can take an object from VW and UV map it elsewhere and then bring the object back as a mesh with the map intact. I asked if we could somehow map elsewhere and then make a relationship in VW between the original object and the external map. He said it was not possible which is understandable but worth asking.


Jim's advice at the time was to use C4D and BodyPaint. Given that BP is out of date, and pretty awful  (It was the industry leader many years ago)  I did not see it as an option. Even more so now with the subscription based direction of Maxon and BP did not get a lot of love in the last update.


For interest after years of trying for a solution and using SketchUp, C4D, Maya (plus a few others) I settled on Blender. Maya's UV mapping was outstanding but in the end the cost was prohibitive. The recent 2.8 version of Blender is great and of course it is open software and completely free. As a pipeline it works very well and I am more than happy with the results.



<Edit> my pipeline shown against a similar object to the OP


1. I created the object in VW from a 2D extruded shape.




2. VW to blender as .dae and then UV map




3. Export map and add texture in PS. If you don't have PS and want a completely free pipeline then Krita is fine https://krita.org/en/




4. Add texture back into Blender and export as OBJ and import into VW




Once you have the UV map the rest is easy with regard to changes etc. You just swap out the texture in VW and texture however you want





Necessity is the mother of invention!

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Sometimes it's not a bad move to extract a surface it my be on the other side you may want another texture as the applied texture without the extract will Indeed show on the other side.....of the object which in itself is a pain..... But I used to use Artlantis and that has the same problem..... but does have an interactive display to rotate textures as you require..... Maybe vectorworks needs a separate module for the rendering side to allow ease of applying textures and decals..... Only a thought and not a criticism.....

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