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procedure for 3ds import

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hi everyone, 


Trying to figure out procedure callout in python for 3ds import. 

For OBJ for example it is :

vs.importOBJ(filename, True)

for sketchup 

vs.Importsketchup(filename, True)


i have tried 

vs.import3ds(filename, True)

and vs.import3d(filename, True)


I'm trying to create another import node for 3ds import based on DOMC's import sketchup script.

So far it worked for OBJ, but can't seem to be able to get 3ds to work.


Maybe someone can help me please? :)


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Found this old post while working on my own batch importer, so maybe you've figured this out by now? I can't find any information or the existence on this vectorscript command anywhere online though so maybe it's somehow an outlier that wasn't documented, but it's  in the Procedure List and is working for me in 2020/2021 (maybe wasn't around for 2019 when this was in question?).


BOOLEAN = vs.Import3DSFile(fileName, atOrigCoords, position)


Were you successful with your batch importer? I'm running into some complications with the OBJ command processing lists of objects to import and retrieving handles for the imported objects that I'm slowly working my way through; would be great to get some help from somebody who's done it successfully.

Screenshot 2020-11-29 133754.jpg

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