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Page setup problem in Tiger

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I'm having a curious problem with the page setup in tiger (10.4.1). When I create a new file, Vectorworks will crash when I go to page setup. This happens every time which basically means that I can't print anything. The same thing happens with some old files, but not all. This happens in version 10 and version 11.5 and on three different computers (2.7 G5s). I have purged out all of the printers and just added one but still the same problem. And yes, I have repaired my permissions. Any one else having this problem? Any solutions?

Fred Perkins

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Hugo i am having the same problem. I moved my vw folder out of Applications but i am still having the problem on selected drawing. do i have to reinstall vw in to a differnet location (where on my mac should i put vw if not in apps) any help would be much appreciated I am using Dual 1.25 G4 with os X 10.4.1 with vw 11.5


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Check check check those Fonts ... my recent similar crash experiences have all been directly related to Font issues. One bad font will take down the app. What I mean by bad font is a font ID which is not registered in the OSX System. To fix the problem you will need to manually check each and every font and size ...

The other day I placed a Symbol Font in a note with an equation and that little sucker mangled the file structure but before saving I removed the instance and viola' the file returned to normal ! Hope this helps ... me no no...

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I have tried moving both vw app and removing text and have had no luck either. When you upgraded to tiger did you do a clean install or did you just upgrade your existing system. I only ask because this will be my next step but it is time consuming and I will eventually have to upgrade all the macs in my office. Any other suggestions very welcome

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