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After what might have been a year or two of relatively stable Vectorworks use (by which I mean no crashes, not absence of all sorts of other bugs), SP4 has suddenly started unexpectedly quitting with no notice, and seemingly always the longest possible time since the last autosave (indeed, it might even be it attempting to do an autosave in the middle of performing another task that is causing it).


I'm sorry I can't be more specific about what I was trying to do when it crashed.  It happens so suddenly and so unexpectedly that it really caught me by surprise.


Anyone else having crashing issues since SP4 release?

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For me it crashes already when I load it and try to open a new File from my Template.


That happens when VW was sitting in the background a while without an open file..

It will open a new file as expected when I directly open a new file after starting VW.


Could maybe being influenced by the totally broken 10.6.2 driver from 3DConnexion,

which they have again taken down from downloads and offer 10.6.0 only.

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There could be some file corruption, did you run a the Mac repair/permissions utility (if I recall correctly what the name is) to fix any errors?

Another option could be to rerun the SP4 updater in case something went wrong with the initial install.


Of course, like on Windows, there could have been some update somewhere that is causing a conflict, whether is an OS update or an update for another application that uses some common component. Did you install other updates shortly before the crashing started?

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1 hour ago, JuanP said:

Please make sure to download SP5 that it was just released. And let us know if the problem persists, one more thing as @jblock said make sure Error Reporting is turned on so we can identify easier the root of the crash.

Thanks - will do.


Where is the SP5 change log?  Keen to see what has changed.  Can't find the announcement and my little bell didn't glow red!

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