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Why these glitches?

Andrew Davies


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This could still be an issue with the eGPU and its data throughput. I have seen similar behaviour on a dedicated GPU with other CAD software as well with relatively modest size drawings and getting a better GPU with more VRAM and especially data throughput rate solved the issue. The "devil was in the details" in those cases, i.e. the more details/small items there were the more likely the issue was to happen, even if the total drawing was not that big.


There are definitely display bugs as well, but in your case the use of an eGPU might be a factor to consider. Do you have an opportunity to try a computer with a good dedicated graphics card to see how it behaves there? That way you might be able to tell if it could be the eGPU or not.

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The graphic's 'glitches do seem to be getting worse, though many have been around for as long as I can remember; but this particular glitch, I find , only occurs once you've opened a second document and performed a few graphic's orientated actions in it.



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Really?  All going ok on this lovely Bank Holiday Monday though I would much rather be enjoying the sun that working.


Then I start getting this.  Keynote legends disappearing and only re-appearing briefly when I force a screen refresh (command 4).  Luckily a restart fixed it but honestly - is this software tested for bugs?



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Do you have a file showing this behaviour that you could share? It would be interesting to see if it happens on my system(s) as well as I do have some fairly loaded files and am not experiencing this issue.


If it hadn't been for the one nVidia card mentioned I would think it might have to do with the graphics card being Radeon cards, as there used to be some display issues with those cards that were not (as much) happening with nVidia cards due to some driver related things.


Nonetheless I would still be inclined to think it is a RAM/VRAM issue as the behaviour is the same as I was having when the amount of RAM/VRAM turned out to be too low to keep up with the display requirements and after moving to a new computer with better RAM and VRAM/GPU these particular issues disappeared. I was still having lag issues but that was a VW issue. It could be that VW might be using way more memory than it needs or is having some memory leak that cause you to run into having to low memory resources for proper display. The fact that the issue disappears after a restart does, at least to me, point into that direction of RAM/VRAM issue in combination with VW.


If other applications are not showing similar behaviour then VW is certainly a factor, whether it is because of its hardware requirements or a bug does not really make much difference for someone with a fairly new computer and decent graphics card as both things are something that Vectorworks should solve, either by better optimizing resource usage or fixing a bus if there is one. This thing is definitely not good for ones workflow.

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Hello bgoff


Sorry for the slow reply. I tend to give up with these issues they are so common. i find myself just putting up with it. 

my navigation settings are on best performance. I tried best compatibility but the system just slows down too much. Any other suggestions?


im on a 16” MacBook Pro with a Radeon 580 in an egpu and 32MB RAM

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

try the middle option to see if it fixes the issue. generally if you set it to best compatibility and it works then it leads to an issue with the graphics card. It might be slower but its how we can test it. I just had someone with the same issue, she took it in and they said the card was fine. she replaced it anyway and its now working fine. Try the slower setting and see if it fixes the issue and report back. We just need to trouble shoot the issues, and this is the best way to do it. Sorry for the inconvenience but its the best option right now to try.

Thanks in advance.

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