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possible to 'ungroup/import' design layer viewports?

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Hi all,


When working on design proposals I make extensive use of design layer viewports.

This is great for the creation of different options, styles and colors.


Now to my question: Is it possible to 'import' the geometry shown through the DLVP on the layer where the DLVP is on, like an ungroup/decompose or an old fashioned autocad explode 😉 ?

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38 minutes ago, Tamsin Slatter said:

If you delete the reference (on the Navigation palette's References tab), you will be offered the opportunity to import the geometry at that point.


Is this possible for DLVP that refers to another layer in the same file as well?

In my case there is no reference file.


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Excuse my ignorance if what I'm about to write doesn't apply to DLVPs, I don't (Xref) reference in outside documents/layers in my VW's work.

Now what I was thinking is that the technique of group, copy, link/turn on layers (see below) may work in a similar fashion with DLVPs but by linking the original file's layer into the DLVPs that have been copied over to a layer in the new file. You could then un-reference them as suggested by Tamsin and copy the result back to where you need it. You probably need to save the new file at one point and revert to saved before unlinking the referenced layer(s). This would allow VW to properly load the DLVP data and links before attempting to 'explode' it.

I'm still not sure that this un-referencing Tamsin has suggested will actually create what you are seeking. Yes it should bring in all the geometry into the new file on a layer but I think you were wanting to create an instance(copy) of the geometry but only that which is showing in the cropped area in lieu of the viewport at the viewport's location. There maybe a technique/command for that process too but I'm not familiar with it.


Technique: With regular viewports on sheets the application generally prevents one from copying them to another file by popping up a message whenever one trys to do so. But if you take a blank file or existing one that has the same class structure(colour/LW/etc), you select the viewport(s) and group them. Copy to clip board. Paste in place in the new file on a sheet. Ungroup, copy over the line work from the original layer(s) and paste them in place on layers in the new file, edit the viewport layers to turn on the respective layers. They should now be showing evrything as before but in the new file. Now the important step. Save the file and then revert to saved before doing further editing using the viewports interface to access design layers.

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