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Vectorworks version 10.0.0 Glitching HELP

need to upgrade


So need to upgrade, until then, have an older Vectorworks 10.0.0 that i'm using at the moment, Have noticed in 'Normal Mode" I have glitches where I cant use the "FILE-EDIT-TOOL etc etc, looks like it is glitching,

Also some shortcuts aren't working as well, When I use in safe mode all  functions as should be, any ideas folks would be helpful

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Do you really mean vectoworks 10 - or 2010?


What computer and what operating system are you using?


Vectorworks 10 would have come out in 2002 ish?  In either case you will want to run it on a vintage operating system.  If you're using a modern Mac OS or Windows 10 I bet it's really glitchy.  Back then it would have been 32 bit and using Quicktime APIs, which has been deprecated for years. (2013?).  


Interesting that you can run it in safe mode.  I believe 10.5 was a free update, but if you have a working situation in safe mode, I wouldn't change anything.  I'd stick to safe mode. 🙂

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