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Can multiple users work in the same model at the same time?


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Hi everyone. I am fairly new to VW with previous software experience mainly in ArchiCAD. I am working for a practice and we've discussed having multiple users in a single file/model working at the same time. Now, in ArchiCAD there is a Reserve and release method, where you can research elements of the model to draw, and request to use reserved components from other users, where they can than release, freeing it up to use.

Does VW offer a similar method, to allow for multiple users to work from the same file at the same time?

Thanks in advance

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I'm setting up Project Sharing for the first time. This might sound crazy, but I have people on my team using different cloud sharing services - one with dropbox and the other with Drive. I have both Drive and Dropbox installed on my computer, and I have the folder in which the project file is stored synced to both services (normally I wouldn't do this, except for this specific reason). If I share the folder to one person on Drive and the other person on Dropbox, will it work? I know it's probably crazy and not likely to work, but for some reason I think it might be okay.


Alternatively, does anyone have experience using project sharing on both cloud services, and do you have a preference for either?


Finally, super basic question: where does one locate/change the username that Project Sharing references?

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one more question about Project Sharing compatibility: does it matter if all users are using the same version of Vectorworks? I have one team member who is using v.2018, which means that I am currently upgrading his files every time I want to incorporate his work into the main project. If I give him access to the project sharing file, will it work?


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I woul'd only use one project file. You need to choose one cloud service. Also every user has to use exactly the same vectorworks version. That means you have to coordinate and update new servicepacks all together. Be sure to send all changes first. It's impossible to use VW2018 projectsharing with VW2019.

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@mgebel, the username that Project Sharing uses is the computer name.  I would use all the same version and run it all over one sharing service - I believe we recommend DropBox.


Here are some other recommendations:

Turn off project file backup when using dropbox
Project file must be in a folder and the folder must be shared not the project file.
Set the sharing permission at the folder level



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2 minutes ago, Kane said:

What is the difference between SMB and AFP sharing? Trying to work out what is best for myself and one other to work in a model at the same point

After setting up SMB, trying to open the model i experience these pop ups: 

What do i need to do to continue working in project sharing?




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@Kane In relation to your question regarding SMB vs AFP they are two different types of connectivity protocol;


(Microsoft) Server Message Block [SMB]


Apple Filing Protocol [AFP]


This is primarily used when talking about a hosted LAN structure of Project Sharing and is normally dictated if your office is Mac or Windows based. Commonly people who are unsure will preference the SMB format as Mac support both SMB and AFP connections nativity.



As for the second query regarding Dropbox and Google Drive integration sitting on the fence between the two *is* possible if you get all the shared permissions settings correct and more often than not have a dedicated server machine which can be used to bridge the divide between the platforms acting as a shared base. It would however be highly advised that you attempt to stick with one cloud sharing platform with all users have read-write capabilities. 


Best of luck with your adventures down Project Sharing. It's a rocky yet rewarding task - if you can collectively get all participants onboard (this is normally the harder part for me!)



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