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Gobo projections on a glow texture?

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Is there a trick to projecting gobos onto a surface that has a glow reflectivity setting?


To simulate a basic background cyc effect, I have an image of a gradient applied to a flat object behind the scenery usually set to around 80% glow.  I think it works very well for rendering scenes with a background cyc.  Today, however, I'm trying to project a cloud gobo on a cyc.  If I have the glow turn on, even if it set low, the lights and gobos do not appear on it.  If I turn off the glow, the gobos show up, but the cyc doesn't look as good with spotlights lighting it.  The best compromise seems to be Using the Backlight setting, but it's still not as good as what happens in the space.  Any tricks to make this work?


As a scenic designer, I'm also curious how you lighting designers visualize a lit cyc in VW.






Glow texture cyc:



Just the texture, no glow:





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In order for Glow textures to respond to external lighting in a model, you have to check "Add Matte Reflectivity" in the Reflectivity shader options. (I think it's a poorly named checkbox, but that's what it does).


This way the texture will be both self-illuminating and will respond to the lights and gobos.

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Hello jarjones:


The Glow shader has an "Add Matte Reflectivity" setting, that might help here.  Does turning that on help?  That should work to show partial glow and also show effect from light objects.



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Thanks! I tried that and got the results I was looking for.  These forums are great!



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