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2020 Teaser Tuesday - Schematic Views - Vectorworks 2020


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Are the lights auto rotating to the truss angle when they're attached to the lighting position, or are they manually rotated in 3D?

In a past show, we attached 1) 2-way mirror foil to 2) scenic cladding to 3) raked truss. There was a 1" margin of error fabricating the mirror film in Austria to be married up to the cladding in LA. Everything came together for the first time at rehearsal with no time to ship a different size before show load in. Because we had to hit the right angle for a televised Pepper's Ghost effect, we did numerous elevation studies from 45 to 70 degrees. Plot and Model View worked great because I was able to draw everything in plan view, using the exact make/model/lengths of truss and corner blocks, snap to lines, adjust the size of the return, and then rotate the model view in 1deg increments to find the sweet spot. Trying to draw all of those objects raked in 3D, aligning, grouping, and rotating them together did not work at all, so how would that process work with the new tool?


There have been other issues with attaching, aligning and distributing lights to raked truss, pipes, torms...  especially when adding focus points. Have those issues been solved too?


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Watched this video again on a larger screen, and noticed that most of what's being shown is a design layer split screen:

  • 3D front view pane on top
  • 2D plan view pane on bottom

What I've really been hoping for is:

  • A simpler way to plot torms, towers, goal posts... which this might do?
    • Sheet layer drawing #3 seems to suggest that
    • Sheet layer drawing #2 is a mess (hybrid symbol 2D truss geometry is flattened/extended while lights shifted to actual XY)
      • Last year's teaser, 2D Components for Hybrid Objects, would fix that
    • Sheet layer drawing #3 is just a front view which, ironically, is what Plot & Model View is designed to show
  • A simpler way to draw raked objects/assemblies... which this doesn't seem to do.
    • On that note, I hope we don't lose Plot & Model view to accomplish that

Maybe this video doesn't do a great job of highlighting all the awesome sauce but I'm left with more questions than answers. Are there additional screenshots of other menus, palettes, dialogs... that show what it's capable of doing (and how) that could be added to this discussion?


On that note, the live-streams last year were great because there was a Q&A at the end to answer all these questions with screen-shares or straight from the engineers' mouths (which was super cool to meet and interact with those folks).


BTW it looks great for plotting where lights are hung on each position but I don't really see how this would be used in the example of a rig plot (there aren't even any points in the drawing).


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