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Infinite Background

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Is there a way to create an infinite background? I am modelling product displays and would like to be able to place them on an infinite backdrop so that I can have reflections and shadow on the floor and a clean background.



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When I want this effect, I create a large cyc (or cyclorama) for the background, generally black or white with a certain amount fo gloss. Not rue black or white, but a light or very dark gray.


Cyc is generally and entertainment specific term, but I have a solid that consists of two walls and a floor. The corner (between the walls and between the walls and floor) are 'coves' like a cove moulding, just a sweep.

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Thanks Kevin.


Do you add the solids or do you keep them as single objects. I have tried something similar - as one solid -  but can never get a true seamless look. (This may due to bad lighting though. Secondly approx what kind of radius do you have for the cove?

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Here's one approach, though I'm not 100% sure what you're going for:


-Model your object.

-Don't model any geometry for the infinite background.

-Render in a sheet layer viewport.

-Set RW background to None (if you want transparency upon export), or HDRI white would work too if you don't need transparency.

-Where you want shadows/reflection, extrude a circle or rectangle to 0", and make/apply a shadow catcher material. This will give you the shadows and reflections, but no rendered geometry. (One drawback is that shadow catcher reflections apparently don't have a blurriness parameter).

-Use File<Export<Export Image file if you want to be able to export a PNG with transparency.








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I'd love an infinite floor object, especially if it was made to work with the horizon of a Renderworks background....



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