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Surface Array problem

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I am creating a chair and I want to apply an array item to indicate the material that will make the covering of the seating.

As I am selecting the Array surface and the array Items though, VW points out that for the Surface I need to use a valid base, listing all the options.

What I have intially is a solid I have created and in order to use Surface array I tried to convert it in a NURBS and a Mesh but still when I try to execute the command, it won't work. 

Any Idea on how could to solve this?



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Can you describe or post a image similar to your goal here?

Meanwhile, Perhaps the array could work better on small components rather than whole chair?

eg use the Extract tool>Surface mode to isolate a NURBS surface from the front cover, the left arm, right arm, seat top, seat bottom, etc. And apply the surface array or a texture or modeled components (upholstery piping?) to these various parts individually.


FYI the extract tool is not destructive to the source object.



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Hi Benson,

Thanks for the tip, creating a NURBS surface did work my problem out. It just strange because in one of the latest tutorial on array surface they mentioned that it was possible to use solid as base. 🤔



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