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Truss Tool - which chord?

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Hi fellow VW experts.

Soi have been using the new truss tool that allows you to snap lights to the truss. this concept seems great!

but it seems you can only snap lights to the middle of the truss, regardless wether its tri truss or box truss or whatever else.

i thought you would be able to snap to the chords of the truss, so if its tri point down, then there is one centre rail that you can snap too.

if its tri point up or box truss you have a front chord or back chord that you can snap too...



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It's as if the programmers never saw truss in use, let alone stuff on all 4 chords! 

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There is a reality that much of the way that Spotlight works is based on theater lighting design. This is a prime example. The way the label legend works is another. Nothing particularly wrong with that, but you have to decide if you are going to completely stay in the Spotlight mindset or move forward with workflows that are more suitable to one’s particular discipline. 

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16 hours ago, frozenwaffles said:

@scottmoore can you explain your second thought about workflows? is this something i have to decide or the software developer???

That is actually a very loaded question. I try to minimize my usage of a lot of the functionality that Spotlight provides. That functionality is very useful and powerful, but it also is the major culprit in what slows the application down.  


My priority, with my typical work load, is to spit out information as quickly and efficiently as possible while still maintaining a consistent look to my drawings.  It is always a question of whether I want to follow the Spotlight process or use my personal workflows. That involves an entire library of custom symbols, a ton of unique saved views, design layers, sheet layers, etc.  It’s just a question of how you want to work.  


The VW world in general has decidedly opted for a “Spotlight-centric” workflow; basically using it as a plug-and-play solution.  I suppose I am one of the dinosaurs that is marching to the beat of a different drummer. Where I really run into problems is when I have to start mixing the two workflows by either dragging in a Spotlight symbol or collaborating with someone outside of my workflow. 

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