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Customise mouse button to edit attributes

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I use a Logitech M570 roller ball mouse with Vectorworks which has some customisable buttons. I have customised the buttons for various standard VW shortcuts but would like to be able to use it to edit the attributes of objects. I can select an object and right click and access a menu with options like edit  properties etc none allow me to edit the attributes - ie change the fill or line weight. ( Right click on my mouse is the same as pressing control then clicking on the object )   I can input  a short cut to open and close the attributes palette but this does not allow me to edit the attributes of a selected object. 


Does anyone know how I can create a shortcut I can put into the mouse  so I use a mouse button to select and edit the attributes of a object? I suspect I need a VW script to make the shortcut but am not familiar with scripting. 




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Yes a script is the means by which you can edit one or many items of a selection set and change one attribute or many in a batched or singular edit. If you have a specific theme to your attribute edits this is a time saving method which is very similar to the attributes by class methodology. But if all you need is to do open and close the attribute pallet after making selections then simply enter the shortcut into the mouse key. If your menu doesn't have one already programmed then you need to edit the menu first and you may as well make it one of the multi-key finger stretching arrangements, shift control alt something that are less utilized

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