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Berm/Swale Question - How do I delete it?

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This seems silly, but here goes:
How does one delete a berm?

It appears that once i've created it, it is permanently attached to the site plan. I can pull the points of the triangles around with the Surface Sculpting tool, but I can't just seem to delete the whole berm. Am I missing something?

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Answering my own question here. You can't. If you have, in my case, 3 berms drawn, and one berm that is incorrect, the only thing you can do is 'recreate from source data'. that deletes ALL the surface modeling you've done. I'm drawing a parking area, with interlocking berms to hide cars from both the highway and from the interior site elements. I have berm one and berm two right where I want them. Berm three gets drawn incorrectly. Only recourse here is to delete all the work i've done using 'Recreate from source data', then re-draw all three berms. Unless i'm missing something, this is your only option to delete a berm or swale created in the site sculpting tool. I think I'm back to creating a 3D poly/shape, and calling and it a berm.

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@tekbench   I also cannot find an easy delete for that berm tool.  Seems there should be a way to restore a surface within the site sculpting tool set.  But, I did find a workaround, sort of:


1. Draw a 2d closed shape surrounding the entire base of the berm. Can be an offset of the lowest berm contour.

      a.  Create Objects from Shapes>Site Modifier.

      b.  OIP - Make it a Grade Limits

      c.  Assign to exist/proposed - whichever contains the berm.

2. Draw a short 2d poly anywhere inside the plan projection of the berm.  A short straight line should work unless berm crosses a steep portion of the site.

       a. Create Objects from Shapes>Site Modifier.

       b. OIP - Make it a Contour. (might work as a Pad, too).

       c. Elevation = Berm ridge elevation less Height assigned to berm

       d. Slope = 0 (or adjust if needed)

       e.  Assign to exist/proposed - whichever contains the berm.

3.  Update Site model


Site Model mesh will be complex in this area, but the surface topography will be approximately restored to pre berm condition. Top/Plan & 3d Contours may have extra elevation labels in inconvenient locations. To remove extra labels, Select the Site Model, Reshape Tool>Edit Labels mode> Remove mode.


This is more of a last gasp workaround than an actual solution.







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Nice. It sure seems that 'Delete' isn't a thing. The Swale/Berm tool looks to be a way to quickly 'hard' modify the site plan. Kind of like a hard edit tool. Undo doesn't work, delete doesn't work, and none of the 'select' type tools will select the berm object once created.

So the 'Berm' tool doesn't put an object, or a 'thing' on your site plan. It simply permanently modifies your site plan shape.

If you need a berm, I think the only way to do that intelligently is to create it as a poly, make it a 3d blob, and put it on the drawing.


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That permanent thang is very annoying.  If Edit SM Contours, the berm contours are revealed, can even be selected and deleted.  But vwx thinks they are site modifiers and therefore restores them on Exit.  grrrrr.


A 3d blob object will work as a berm, but does not respond to cut/fill or other data related to the site model.


Another way to make a berm is to create a series of site mod contours and a grade limits. These are new objects drawn over the site model and converted via the Create Objects from Shapes command (not drawn in the OIP Edit exist/proposed Contours). These new contours can cross existing contours, respond to site model data and can be selected and edited/moved/deleted.  This process also requires some finesse, as the resulting major/minor contours may be jaggy.  sigh.







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