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Spotlight - Draw Beam not executed

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190813_DrawBeam.vwxHi All,


i try to write a script to toggle the "Draw Beam" option in the Lighting Instruments OIP. The goal is to switch quickly between beam visualization on/off  of the different lighting instruments.


I can see the checkmark appearing and disappearing after executing my script. However the function does not work, the beam is not shown/not disappears. If i check/uncheck the box it works as expected.


Apart of that, how can i implement a selection by popup for the different instrument types? the script only works with the "Object by criteria" node, even if i paste the full criteria (('Lighting Device'.'Inst Type'='Robe BMFL Washbeam')) to a string node it does not work.


Also i would like to have the draw beam on/off options as radiobuttons in a user popup but can´t find a node which does this.







Screenshot 2019-08-13 14.12.52.png

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Hi Michael,


the beam must be updated after activating the control box. The easiest way to do this is to move the object with the vector 0/0/0.


This is not the nicest method, but I have not been able to find another order so far.


Kind regards

Ing. Pascal Völz B.A.





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Hi Pascal,


sorry for the late answer and thank you for your answer, this is a brilliant workaround and it works like charm!


Do you have any idea maybe why the dropdown list does not work?

For my understanding i would need to have a input port in the  "Objects by criteria" node where i can put in the criteria,

coming from my field names list. Or is there another option to do that which i dont see?


Also which node do i need to use to generate a user popup with radiobuttons for "true" and"false" ?

With the existing node i can only choose 3 options in the OIP.


Thank you in advance.






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