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VW suddenly running really slowly

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Everything fine until a couple of days ago, then suddenly VW11.5 runs excruciatingly slowly.

But only when logged into the network. When logged in locally the problem goes away!

Is there a working folder path (scratch disk?) etc for V.Works?

It might be trying to write temp files to a location stored within their profile ? hence over the network

If so, can I change the path to a location on C: ?

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Yes we have the same problem also described in this form see:


It looks like it only happens on a network with de network licence (serial numbers)i think vecorworks looks for free numbers and this slows down sometimes.

I don't have a solution accept, pulling the network plug after opening the drawing from the network.

I don't think it has to do with temp files, vectorwork doesn't use them, I thought



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