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Good Day all.

Has anyone had much experience exporting a 3D model so a client can view it through their browser? I think Im following the basic guides correctly but finish up with a mostly white 3D model with only a few of the textures showing, and all the image props are just solid crosses?

Any ideas or directions to a good tutorial to look at would be much appreciated.


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hi Peter,


Here is the latest help article about exporting the web view from Vectorworks: 


http://app-help.vectorworks.net/2020/eng/index.htm#t=VW2020_Guide%2FExport%2FExporting_web_views.htm&rhsearch=export web view&rhhlterm=export web view&rhsyns=


I am not sure which YouTube video you are referring to. When you use the Orbit viewing mode, you can view the model from all sides. First-person mode allows you to "Walk" through the model.


I hope this information helps you.


Best regards,

Iskra Nikolova






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Thanks ...  


In my testing, When I open the WEB View in a browser, the initial view is as expected. It is the original rendered saved view.

The center of rotation is not as expected. Assume that it would be @ Zero - Zero.

Created a simple 3D X at "Zero - Zero" and the rotation is eccentric. Would like to understand how to have a specific center for the Orbit View.


Would like for the client to view this as past versions of VW / RW allowed with Exported VR files.

ie: Degrees above and below the horizontal. Some control is essential.


The Orbit Mode does the job, looking around a central object, i tjust shows to much. Assume this would be great for showing "3D parts" just not for architecture.


For what ever reason, switching to the First Person / Walking Around Mode changes the Home view so that it is lower, akin to a "dogs perspective".

Clicking the Home Icon returns to Orbit Mode. (Why?)


It is also very awkward to go around an object in the First Person / Walking Around Mode . 

It appears to require a combination of Mouse and keyboard. Shuffle / slide to one side, then walk past the intended object, (Keyboard) then reorient view, (Muse) ten shuffle / slide to the side some more, (Keyboard) again re orient the view (Mouse). Lots of clicking the Home Button if you get lost.


In the First Person / Walking Around Mode I am NOT able to understand how you would move up and look down? 


Suggestions? - Peter



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hi, Peter, I know only just enough about this to be dangerous, but it's possible that having it saved on your local drive is causing the problem. If you look at "Save on" in the parameter table on the following page of help, you'll see some information about that. This may have nothing to do with it, but it could be step one of an investigation.



http://app-help.vectorworks.net/2020/eng/index.htm#t=VW2020_Guide%2FExport%2FExporting_web_views.htm&rhsearch=web view&rhhlterm=web view&rhsyns=

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Guest AndrewG

Hello @Elite Exhibits

To answer your questions:

- Please make sure you export from Perspective View for best results. If you export the model in orthogonal or top plan Vectorworks will choose a perspective view for you. 

- The point of the home button is to place you in the location where the model was originally loaded. When you're in first-person, you need to make sure you are walking on a surface. You can touch or click on a surface to get to that point. We could add an improvement to allow for walking in "mid-air" without a surface if enough clients want that.

- The orbit view center works similar to what the "view center orbit mode" does in Vectorworks; we orbit around the object that we intersect first, thus creating a similar "view center rotation" effect. We can change this as well if enough clients wish to be changed.


Please consult the in-app instructions for more information.


Hope this helps!


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Many Thanks


Exported from Rendered Perspective - (Did that)

Added a faux "surface" - now the First person View is not so low.



Have read the "In App Instructions" (I am correct in assuming that this is the online help?)



Need more on the "view center orbit mode"  comment.

     Question How do you determine what the "object that we intersect first" is? or how do you make an object so that "it" is "the object that we intersect first".



Still assuming that there is NO way to move up off "the surface" and look down in the First Person Mode?



Please let me know, 

when you have time …












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For what it's worth, I've been sharing models with clients via VW Cloud and the Nomad iOS app (Service Select required?).  The interface isn't great, and I find the walkthrough mode almost impossible to work, but it's been better than nothing.   My plan is to try out the VW Cloud Presentation to link up a few panorama views instead of a walkthrough.  If anyone has any pointers they'd be appreciated.  The alternative is going to be sharing my screen and walking them through the model remotely.


Nomad:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QzDLWyaINzA


Cloud Presentations: 


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

@Elite Exhibits Regarding the center of rotation in Orbit mode, I believe it is based on the internal origin of the .vwx file. Here is an article that explains the difference between the internal origin and the user origin (0,0).

http://app-help.vectorworks.net/2020/eng/index.htm#t=VW2020_Guide%2FSetup%2FConcept__Internal_origin_and_user_origin.htm&rhsearch=internal origin&rhhlterm=internal origin&rhsyns=



Glad to hear that you are exploring the possibilities with Vectorworks Cloud Services. Cloud Presentations are a great alternative to Web views and provide an easy way for your client to control the view. Here is the Help article about this feature: https://cloud.vectorworks.net/portal/help/pages/create-presentations/?app=WEB

Viewing of a shared presentation doesn't require an account, so that makes it very easy for your client as well. 

Viewing of other shared files from Vectorworks Cloud Services may or may not require an account, depending on how you have shared the file and whether you would like them to see it in Nomad, or in a mobile or desktop browser. Anyone can register for a free Vectorworks account. This account type doesn't have access to the cloud processing features and has less storage limit. Here is a comparison table that can give you more details: https://cloud.vectorworks.net/portal/help/faq/purchasing-licensing/#what-is-the-difference-between-the-free-vectorworks-cloud-services-account-and-the-vectorworks-service-select-maintenance-program


Please let me know if you need any additional help with Presentations. I'd love to hear your feedback for potential areas for improvements.


Best regards,

Iskra Nikolova

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1 hour ago, Kristin Bailey said:

Hi, Peter, I know only just enough about this to be dangerous, but it's possible that having it saved on your local drive is causing the problem. If you look at "Save on" in the parameter table on the following page of help, you'll see some information about that. This may have nothing to do with it, but it could be step one of an investigation.



I tend to prefer Panorama over web view, but I process using VSS and then share links... I see other good advice above in terms of perspective views and setting up the export.

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Guest AndrewG

Hi @Elite Exhibits


To answer your questions from a couple weeks ago:


- If you're looking for a way to select your orbit point like in Vectorworks, we do not have that functionality within the Web View. The orbit point is chosen based on the geometry that's viewable in front of the viewer when we orbit. We do have a way to "teleport" onto a surface by clicking/touching a surface you see in your view. Then you can move around with WASD if using a desktop or use the joystick provided if you are using a mobile device. 


- In first person mode, the only things you can do at this point are look around and walk around if you're on a surface. The way to get "off" of a surface is to teleport onto a surface, and then press the eye-button again to switch into orbit mode. At this point, you can zoom out and orbit in that area.


- When I'm referring to the "in-app help", I'm talking about the instructions that pop-up when you press the big question mark button (looks like image.png). The instructions should also be contextual, so if you're in orbit mode, instructions should pop up for orbiting, and so on.


Hope this helps!



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Thank You


Control is needed for this feature - 


It works great for our discipline, only if the designer controls it - The potential for the client to open it and  ... A. Wonder what they should see and  ...B. Control what is looked at.  Same appears to be true for Export Panorama.


If the VW Cloud service is what it takes, then it is appears easier to move back a few versions and export as a controlled Quicktime VR. 




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