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Window Pulldown Shades???

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I don't normally install windows in my drawings because most ballrooms don't have them...


The room I'm working on has a giant wall of windows- which I've been able to create.


Question- is there an option in the Door/Window Tool for Pulldown shades?  



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The "Window"  tool in VW does not have a blind option but it does allows you to add shutters to the window - you can customise the shutters to make them look like a blind. 


Make a window object with the window tool, keep it selected then go to the settings in the object info palette and select interior shutters. Tick the include interior shutters box and then input a negative number in the "offset from jamb" option so that the shutters are in front of the window not beside it. You can create a custom symbol  that looks  like a blind and use that by clicking on the "custom shutter" option then selecting your blind symbol. You will need to make the blind half the width of the window as the system automatically creates 2 shutters so effectively you need two blinds. Adjust the offset so that the 2 "blinds" meet neatly in the middle to look like one blind. You may find you need to adjust where the blind sits within the symbol to get it sit in the right position against the window.


Hope that works for you 

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