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IFCBuildingStorey: slab above <> slab below


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we have the request by our planning partners to set slabs to the story above. It flips our wall/slabs settings.

As architects, we usually see the slab below.


What do you use? What do you prefer?


Below a basic test floor as example






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Hi _C_!


I had the same situation. We ended making a layer solely for the slab and beams.

Now we are using:

1. Architecture 

2. Structure: columns, structural walls (layer with the same height and elevation that the architectural layer).

3. Structure: slabs and beams (layer above architectural and structural layers).

Note: We put the grade slab in another layer (or in the foundation layer).


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Thank you Ruben,


Good to know.


I am considering splitting floor finish from structural slab. That would make our 2D much easier, since the structural engineers don't ever get to see them, but they could stay for display in plan, as we need.

It is quite schizophrenic, all in all.

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We do exactly that.

In the architectural layer we put the floor finish.

We have a separate layer for the ceilings.


Something like this, for each floor:
1. Mod-Structural: slabs and beams 

2. Mod-Installation (MEP)

3. Mod-Architectural: ceilings

4. Mod-Structural: columns and other vertical structural elements.

5. Mod-Architectural: general furnishings
6. Mod-Architectural: vertical architectural elements / floor finish / bathrooms...

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