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Vision: Gray Matter Visual’s Solution for Cangemi Design’s Telemundo Upfront Event


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Brooklyn, NY-based lighting and production design firm Gray Matter Visual Inc. (GMV) recently used the latest release of Vision 2019 software as a previsualization solution for Lighting Designer Rob Cangemi of Cangemi Design. Used specifically for the 2019 Telemundo Celebration event at Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City for advertising clients and business partners, Vision, created by global design and BIM software provider Vectorworks, Inc., allowed GMV to properly previsualize, program and cue the show, which was produced by Ray Bloch Productions.


Due to the complex nature of the show and the limited time onsite, Cangemi reached out to GMV for in-studio pre-visualization. GMV combined the lighting plot and scenic drawings in Vectorworks Spotlight to build the combined 3D model before exporting to Vision.  


GMV was also able to take advantage of the My Virtual Rig (MVR) support added in a recent Service Pack update to Vision 2019. MVR is part of the General Device Type Format (GDTF) initiative led by Vectorworks, MA Lighting and Robe Lighting that seeks to create a unified definition for the exchange of data for the operation of intelligent luminaires. According to GMV Staff Associate Charlie Winter: “We used MVR for the initial import of the lighting rig into Vision, as well as to manage subsequent plot and channeling updates. The support for unique fixture IDs helped make this process smooth.”


Lighting Designer Rob Cangemi and Lighting Programmer Hillary Knox spent two days at the GMV studio in the DUMBO area of Brooklyn, working with the in-house GrandMA2 onPC system connected to Vision. From this system, Cangemi and Knox were able to build the show file and work on cueing, including showing looks to their clients.


“The GMV team allowed us the time and space to develop our ideas with our clients before the chaos of our intensely tight onsite schedule hit us,” said Cangemi. “We came in so prepared and our long-time clients saw the difference. We knew it would be a plus having the previz time at the GMV studio, but what we didn't anticipate was just how invaluable it became, such that we never want to do this show again without it! The transition from previz to onsite was remarkably smooth thanks to the quality time that Charlie and the GMV staff took to set everything up, carefully adding our needed elements and filtering out the non-essentials.”


Cangemi and Knox were also able to utilize GMV’s mobile Vision system to continue cueing while on-site and keeping an eye on the load-in and any last-minute updates to the show.


“We use previsualization solutions on many of our own design projects,” said GMV Founder and Principal Designer Brendan Gray. “We took a renewed look at Vision with the 2019 release, and were pleased with what our testing showed. When Rob approached us about this show, I felt that Vision would be the right tool to use, and we were not disappointed. I’m looking forward to the continued development of the software.”


To learn more about Vision, visit vectorworks.net/vision.

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