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Prolyle H30V Box Corners

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I have Prolyte Box corners in my the stock, a 289mm cube which conical couples can be attached to form anything from simple L corner to 6 way.


The Conical Couplers measure 75mm and so when assembled in a L corner for example measures 364mm x 364mm

The Vectorworks Prolyte Library has the "naked" H30V box 

I've tried fiddling about in the "customise" settings in the OIP  to create a simple L corner with the correct dimensions but cant seem to get it to work at all

What am I missing?



H30V corner Custom.png

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@Macluskie Feel free to DM me and I will walk you through what all of those settings mean.  I am one of the developers that setup all of the truss that is included in the libraries and would be glad to give some assistance.  


I have also attached a screenshot of the L1, L2, and L3 settings of the original H30V box corner.  If you add 75mm to the symbol for the spacers also be sure to shift the entire symbol to the right by 75mm in the 3D and 2D symbol components.  The insertion point of any straight truss and corner must be left center so that the auto connect engine can use the measurements in the customize window to calculate the proper connection points.  Once you are finished with your changes be sure to click the apply customization button to save your settings.  If you have any questions please let me know.

H30V Box Corner.png

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Added screenshot
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You are correct that you need to use the ATT symbols, they come in various length but be aware that the stock symbols often have incorrect/incomplete truss records.  I have modified mine for S52, 40V and 30V ATT along with building my own symbols for CCS6 female couplers in set's of 4.  Frustrating but has proved worthwhile as no-one seems to want simple truss structures!

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