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Overhaul the User Origin system



The current system of setting up a User Origin for large sites and reference files is extremely cumbersome. Worst of all, it randomly sh*ts the bed and suddenly referenced files are misaligned.


Please try to design a more intuitive user interface for this system and fix whatever bugs are lurking in the implementation. 

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We have resorted to using the least recommended "Align with Internal Origin" option when importing DWGs and starting to coordinate because it "locks" the internal and user origins at 0,0 and therefore creates a 0 percent chance that the two get confused when referencing together. 


This is means that we do not get to take advantage of modeling near 0,0 in the user origin where it works way better.


I agree, this is a MUST fix problem. There needs to be a consistent understandable way of maintaining real world coordinates for geo-referenced files across a multiple reference file workflow that has a 0 percent chance for error but also allows consultants to maximize their modeling capabilities in situ.

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