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Custom Door Leaves Scattered


Attached image.  On the left, the custom door leaf.  On the right, the custom door leaf used (of all places...) in a door.  The leaf itself, the round frame, and the glass are all generic solids.  But, they are scattered.  Why?  But at least the texture is rotated.  And best of all, even if I rotate the texture in the door leaf symbol itself, it's still horizontal when used in the door.


Ultimately I resolved the scattered components by matching the size of the leaf to the size of the door (originally the leaf was 3'-0" x 7'-0", but the door is only 3'-0" x 6'-8").  If the overall geometry of a leaf is scaled to fit a door's size, why aren't its components also similarly scaled???  Parametric custom door leaves might be nice.  VWIS162


02-Custom Door Leaf-01.png

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AFAIK custom Door Leaf Symbols get scaled to fit the actual Door Leaf size.

Looks like it scales all parts - from different origins - in this case.


Are frame and glass also (nested) Symbols that scale just from their own

origin = Symbol insertion point ?

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@zoomer the slab, circular glass frame and glass are just all three individual generic solids.  No nested symbols.  Of course, as it turns out, unless a circle is rescaled proportionally in each direction, you get an oval, so, I would have had to match the slab size to the door size anyway (thus parametric custom leaves would be nice...).


@CipesDesign yes, not only is the texture rotated, but, when I tried "fooling" it by rotating the texture on the original slab, it still remained horizontal when used in the door!... 

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I've had this happen to me as well.  Bug city.

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