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Fillet Edge Tool not consistent


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Hi, I am having problems with the Fillet Edge Tool which is not consistent. I have a symmetrical 3D object with 6 identical fillets to perform and VW accepts to do 2 but gives me the message: "Edge Filleting Failed. Try changing the radius or turning on the select tangent entities option" for the other 4 which he does not perform.

I have tried both options but still the Fillet Edge tool will not operate.

Has anyone had any similar problems?

VW, Mechanical 10.5. Windows NT.

cheers, anaisr.

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When I have had this problem it has been because of a problem with the underlying object- edges that are not joined is the usual culprit. Try the compose command, or redraw the object. Some modifications to objects seem to "break" them such that the fillet command will not work on all edges. Drawing the same shape via a different method can sometimes allow the filleting to proceed. Perhaps someone with more knowledge can offer insight?


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