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Custom Tool point of insertion

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I'm making a custom tool that places text, with data attached, onto the drawings.


If the user picks a point on the drawing, how do I determine where that is? How do you get feedback from the tool?


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The click to insert the object into the drawing will be the origin (0,0) of everything you code inside the object. Just like in a symbol.

You can get a handle to the PIO with GetCustomObjectInfo. Then you can get the coordinates of the insertion point with GetSymLoc3D.

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That could help if I needed to move the text from 0, 0 at a later stage ☺️


But I would like to know where to move it. I would like to know where the user clicked to place the text.


If the tool was set up with parameters (eg. x1 - X Coordinate, y1 - Y Coordinate), would the recordHandle record them and how do I get them out?


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Check out the User Interactive procedures in the Function Reference. Specifically the one you probably want is:





) ;


This returns the X and Y coordinates of the position the user clicked at. Use that as the insertion point for your object.

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That's too simple, but it works ☺️


I tried MouseDown without luck to I thought it needed some Tool command.




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