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Connecting the cloud with a shared Google drive

Nic Rogers




I am a relatively new Vectorworks user and have recently joined a practice who uses Google Drive instead of a central server. I've connected my own Google Drive space to the Vectorworks cloud but I want to be able to share files on the shared Google Drive we have (we are currently uploading .vwx files to google and downloading when we want to make amendments which is causing a multitude of problems!) Is this possible? Thanks in advance..

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hello Nic,


Do you have a Drive Enterprise, or just a free Google Drive with shared login credentials? Vectorworks Cloud Services does not officially support Drive Enterprise, but we can consider this as an improvement in the near future. If you use a free Google Drive with shared credentials, would it solve your problem if you integrate the Google Drive account to your Vectorworks Cloud Services account? However, note that a Google Drive account can be integrated with only one Vectorworks Cloud Services account at a time. If the Google Drive account you would like to use is already associated with another Vectorworks Cloud Services account, that other account will no longer have access to that Google Drive account. To re-integrate, you just need to add the integration back, which in turn would disable the integration on the previous account and so on.


I hope this information helps a little bit.


Please don't hesitate to ask me any other questions you may have.



Iskra Nikolova

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