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Do architects need Landmark?

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With this great sale going on... I was wondering what the group thought of upgrading from Vectorworks architect to designer, for the addition of landmark toolset. I know there a few site related tools that would make life a bit easier, specifically I recall one that modifies the site model to building's foundation wall. Or perhaps I dreamt that one!

We are a small group of architects working mostly on residential and small commercial projects. I'd love to hear what you think.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

@aa.schumpI will hopefully offer an answer that will help your question. First let me state that while I am a Vectorworks employee (a recent change), I previously was Director of Design + Science, President of a Landscape design firm for 20+ years. I used Designer for the simple fact that it gave me the few tools in Architect that would occasionally come in useful. Many people would ask why pay more for the use of Architect features in Designer, when Landmark should do the job. This is where it got interesting. The added price was minor to the added benefit of my freedom to design in all aspects of Vectorworks. I designed faster and the over all business was more profitable because we could design anything we needed with no limitations. In your case, if you are requiring the use of some of the features Landmark has to offer for your Architect workflow then its a slam dunk. The price tag is minor to the labor savings and freedom to design, equating to profit for the firm.

So to sum up. The Vectorworks side of me says (because I know they are watching 🙂) the upgrade would make sense. The entrepreneur and business manager side of me says, "if you have the need. Don't hesitate just upgrade". Hesitation can cost if you have the need.


I hope this helps!


Feel free to ask more always ready to help

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I am not in sales but I believe it is a very healthy percent off of a new purchase or upgrade. I believe this is a very limited time remaining. If you are looking to upgrade or purchase definitely contact sales.


Maybe someone in sales will see this and post, but it will not hurt to contact sales ASAP!


Sorry I couldn't be more informative, sales is not in my wheelhouse.


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10 hours ago, Inspectorjack said:

What is the current deal that is so attractive?

@Inspectorjack I just sent you a private message outlining the promotion detail (30% off almost everything and ending today, valid in the US, UK and Canada) along with a sales contact to reach out to. 


Kind regards,


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