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Pasting Multiple Symbols Crash

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If I paste multiple symbols from one drawing into the symbol edit window of another drawing it causes VW to crash. It took me awhile to isolate the problem. Originally, I thought the file size was getting too big. I thought it was polylines/DWG imported objects/like-named classes acting funky. So, after a restart, I created two documents from blank templates, created three very simple symbols, and recreated the crash.

I can paste (or import) the symbols into the entire drawing, then cut and paste into the symbol. My quick answer to the problem is "don't do that, then." Yet, I am sure in the past I have pasted symbols into a symbol without a problem. Any ideas? Thoughts? Anyone else notice this (I couldn't find any posts)?

I am scared of 11.5. Don't make me switch (until

Thanks for your help.

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