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Defining Height of a Wall Style

David O

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Hello VS folks


Is there a way to define the height sets in a Wall Style...

I can use the object selector 1177 to define thickness ... (SetObjectVariableReal(hwallStyle,1177,thick);


but could not define the selector for the height sets ...


Thanks for any ideas !

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Hi Julian

This function (SetWallOverallHeights) will operate only directly with Walls. But not with WallStyles ... 

What i need is to create a WallStyle and it has adjustments in thickness as well as in its height... 

Could adjust the thickness using SetObjectVariableReal(hwallStyle,1177,thick)

But simply could not find a function (or a selector...) to define this parameter...



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Wall styles don't typically define wall heights. Rather they define what is used to control the wall or components heights (layer wall height, storey level, etc), as well as having an offset. And of course walls don't have to be level on the top or bottom, and can also be controlled by slabs and roofs, making the task even more fraught. But if you really want to delve into it, then look in the Function Reference in the Objects - Architectural section, for things like SetComponentWallTopOffset().

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Yes, in my case i do need to have the levels of the top and bottom references defined in the style. But i could not find how to define these controls (mainly the top and bottom offsets ...) for the Wall style. Simply , the possibility to have the top offset defined would be enough for me ...

And still think that, if it's there in the Wall Style Dialog Window, the parameters should somehow be accessible from VScript...


Gonna have a try using the components in the style. Thanks !






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