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Benson Shaw

Fastener Tool update please


1. Expand the Fastener Tool functions in the Fastener Tool Set to include additional common configs:

       A.   Drive config selection: phillips, square, Torx, hex, hex pin, etc for all the included head types.

       B.   Head type selection:  bugle (drywall), others . . .

       C.  Screw body selection: Threaded rod


2.  Fastener Tool modes (3d & 2d) Nut, Washer, Lock Washer, Shoulder Screw, Set Screw

       Enhance these with OIP Replace or Config function similar to Replace function of standard vwx Symbols.

       eg to make a threaded rod with a nut: create a set screw, orient as needed, Duplicate, Replace the duplicate with Nut.


3.  VWX includes other fasteners in the Details tool set - Wood Screw, Sheet Metal Screw.

        A.  Either fold these into a massive Fastener Tool, or move them from the Details tool set into the Fastener tool set.

        B.  Enhance to include additional common head and drive configurations.


Forum - Please expand this or comment about faults and problems therein.




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If you wanted to really help a team out, figure out a way to incorporate the entire SDS/GRK/whoever fastener catalog into the OIP like you do with JBL/Meyer speakers and/or other manufacturer items.

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