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Backup file lost

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VW2013 on Windows 10


Previous phases of the current project have backed-up to the general project folder. The current drawing is set to backup to the same VW Backup folder every 15 minutes, and to save 2 copies. The "backup complete" notice in the lower right corner of the screen displays from time to time. But when I screwed something up and wanted to open the backup, I could find the older ones, but not the most recent version of the current drawing. So, I have lost some work. And I'm clueless where it was backing up to. A general search found only the general backup folder with older files.


Just to test, I put a "custom" backup folder on the desktop, and the saved files were there when I looked. I can't seem to make the drawing save into the default backup folder. Any ideas?

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Usually when this happens to me (and I have a panic that there is no backup) it turns out that I've inadvertently either saved the 'current' drawing with a different name, or to a location it shouldn't be in. For example, I'll have saved it into the "current drawings" folder, but in the wrong project file. This sometimes happens a little while after I've had to recover from a backup and then re-save.

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