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Insert Point being weird

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The insert point of a copied fixture with a populated Spotlight Label Legend is not the insert point of the fixture.  How do I make it so?


Currently, if I copy/paste a fixture with Label Legend items populated, the insert point of the pasted fixture is somewhere in the realm of the middle of the whole arrangement, instead of the insert point of the fixture.  Is this normal?

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This is strange. The insertion point of the lighting device should not change. Many tools use the bounding box center of the entire object. Pasting an object is probably going to use the bounding box center rather then the object's insertion point if you are pasting the object at a location.


If you look at the location reported in the OIP of the lighting device it should match the insertion point in the drawing.


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Posted (edited)

Sorry, I don't understand which numbers I should be comparing.  If I click, say, the centre of a circle, and paste in a fixture that has a populated legend, the insert point of that fixture is not where I clicked.


Your "bounding box" theory sounds correct.  But why on earth would they apply that to lighting fixtures and their label legends??


EDIT: I reread and I think I understand what you were saying.  I explained myself poorly:  I don't mean that the insertion point of the fixture changes relative to the rest of the fixture symbol, I mean that it pastes based on some point other than the insertion point of the fixture.  Does that make sense?

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