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Anna Guzman



Hello, newbie at Vectorworks and still transitioning from Autocad. I have a street plan drawn on my design layers, and I just created a new sheet layer to print my drawings.

This is my plan on design layer:


But I have issues with text sizes and dimension sizes. On my design layer I work on a 1:1 scale, so I have to set my text size to almost 2,000 points in order to see them. Is there a way to change this and make it more efficient? Also on my sheet I set my drawing at 1:500 for it to fit on the page, and I can't see my texts or dimensions.


Is there something I need to set somewhere to be able to see dimensions? That red line that crosses my street section are the dimensions but I can't see anything.



Thank you.

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Hi and welcome to Vectorworks!


I recommend that instead of putting the text and dimensions on the design layer, you add them to the annotation space within the Viewport on the Sheet. This way, you can ensure consistent text size across multiple viewports, regardless of their scale.

Double-click the viewport and choose Annotations. Then add dimensions, callouts and text to your heart's desire. Click Exit Viewport Annotations when done.




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P.S. If you've already spent hours of your life adding dimensions to the design layer, you can select the Viewport, click on the Advanced Properties and increase the text scale. But my recommendation above is my preferred suggestion.

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If you want the text and or dimensions visible in more than one viewport then they will need to go on a design layer. 


A feature of VW that I don’t think auticad has is Design Layer Scale. 


You can edit your design layers to each have their own scale. 


This will set page based annotations such as text, dimensions, line styles etc at a “normal” size.


As a rule of thumb it’s best to set your design layer scale the same as the scale of the main sheet layer viewports. 


In your project you cld try setting the DL scale at 1:500. 


This will make say 12pt text appear the same size on your DL as it would if it was placed in your 1:500 viewport annotation.

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