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Viewport overrides and 3d objects

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Bit of a back to basics question, but are you able to add class overrides to viewports and have them apply to 3d objects?

I've clicked around a bit, and I would like to have a hatch overlaid on my 3d objects, but while I've got an over-ride set up it doesn't seem to show in the viewport.



Also, note that the fourth coloumn doesn't show an override icon... I don't know if that might be the problem?



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I think those hatches on 3d objects we see elsewhere are only applied via renderworks textures built in hatch.  I'm not sure ALL textures can have an added hatch, but the texture edit/create dialog includes an Edit Hatch button where a hatch can be (usually?) added. There may be some limits on which views can display the hatch (Plan only?). I didn't test just now.  Maybe later.




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ok thanks.

I knew about surface hatches for some rw textures, but havent' had the time to use them properly just yet. It's a shame that the object will need to have a texture applied rather than being able to do it with overrides

Thanks for the info though.

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Jumpin in on your conversation, fill overrides through viewports are only applicabe to items that has a 2d component. 

so you'll have to turn your 3d solids to a symbol, generate/create a 2d component.

From there you can control the fill appearance in your viewports.

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Hmm jumping in here as well as I was recently exploring this feature.  Ive found that the objects in design layer needed to be filled by class in order to allow a class viewport override.  If they wernt the override would not take place.


I have definitely seen it work with a 3d object regarding textures.  Not sure about hatching tho.  I was under the impression hatching is only viewable in Top plan.  Ill try and do some testing.

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@HEengineering @Haners

Thanks for the feedback.

Weirdly I've been watching a video today, and the chap in the video (about a third of the way in) says that

35 minutes ago, HEengineering said:

needed to be filled by class in order to allow a class viewport override


More experimentation needed. I also saw this menu for the first time ever today..note where it says all attributes by class... I might need to click that at the start of a big project..image.thumb.png.96f45dbfbe787fc10271d76d0ba321ed.pnghttps://university.vectorworks.net/mod/scorm/player.php?a=30&currentorg=articulate_rise&scoid=60

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