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spacers on truss corner block

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hi , 

im trying to add the spacer to the universal corner block , the auto insert tool will just snap one to the middle of the truss , and not 4 spacers on each side.

by duplicating the symbol then editing 2d and 3d component, i created my own symbol for a corner block with spacers. Im just failing to fix the the auto insertion parameters as the 6 mentioned points are very difficult to understand, does anyone have an idea about this?



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

@rajaikhalil Please send me your file if you are able and I can take a look.  I set up almost all of the truss in the shipped content libraries so I should be able to help you.  Without seeing exactly what your new custom symbol looks like it is hard for me to tell you how to setup the custom corner.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

@rajaikhalil I took a look at your file and fixed your corner block.  The issue was that when you added the spacers to the left side of the block you did not move all the geometry to make sure that the left side of the truss is centered at (0,0).  In order for things to work properly the starting point for any truss symbol needs to be at (0,0) because all of the measurements originate from this point.  I simply moved the geometry so that the spacers were now the beginning of the truss and not the corner block.  Also, if you wanted to just use your spacer version of the corner as a cross and no top or bottom connections you can set it up as an X-corner which simply uses the width and height measurements instead of the complex custom menu.  I have made you two versions of the corrected corner with one setup as a custom and one setup as an X-corner (V2 Corrected in the resource name).  Hopefully, if you make more custom symbols in the future you can use these as a reference if you get stuck.  An updated file is attached and let me know if you have any further questions.




corner block corrected.vwx

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