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Stories (doesn't exist)


Somewhere along the line of adding the site, I lost the 1st floor walls. Then when trying to get them back I lost the ground floor too. Everything is on solid that I can see (they were a copy and paste of the ground floor and were working fine!)



The walls are supposed to go from 300 below structure to the top of structure on the story above. This is the general set up I have used on the last couple of projects and seems to have worked fine. 





Can anyone see where I am going wrong?


Hopefully, I am doing something stupid and this will be a quick fix! 


thanks in advance, 






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On 7/1/2019 at 8:06 AM, Benson Shaw said:



5 hours ago, archivectorr said:

Bump, with the same problem.


 Sorry I should have updated this.

 I discovered that when I purged the drawing or some other process, it deleted the bit where the layer is associated to the story. I had to go back through each later and link it back to the story. 

I can elaborate more tomorrow when I have vectorworks open at work if you are still stuck! 

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I just had this problem, too. I didn't perform any purge, however. I think the last command I had used before all the walls suddenly disappeared (i.e. before all the Layers became disassociated with the Stories) was a batch replacement of some lighting symbols. I went to a saved view that had a clip cube active, and wham-o, everything went haywire. I'm glad I found this thread, because I was about to go for a back-up reboot, which would have cost me a few hours of work. 


I have been finding that many of the objects that I have associated with story levels have had some bugs from time to time. It's usually minor, as in the story or level bound vanishes from the object info menu, then mysteriously reappears after tinkering with the object for a bit. Most of the time it seems to resolve itself, but it's a huge time-suck to have to go in and troubleshoot when something glitches. 


I dearly hope this bug is not a frequent occurrence in v.2020

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