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Shape panel boolean parameters

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I've a problem with a simple "Pain Object".

I' ve defined the following 5 parameters:

-diametro, Number, 13

-spessore, Integer, 1

-m_assi, Boolean, TRUE

-m_lb, Boolean, FALSE

-m_lf, Boolean, FALSE


Something goes wrong with the selection of the boolean parameters into the "Shape palette" (see Video).

Selecting one of them change the status of the others.


Can someone explain this issue?


Thank you.


Giovanni Cerretini

VW2019 SP4 R1

macOS 10.14.5


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We have tried on VW2019 SP2 R01 and it works fine!


Is this a problem of the updated version?

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Any chance of a code snippet you can provide?

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Tried in VW2018  SP6 and VW2019 SP3, there are no instances of the error you showed in the video.

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Oh ok, we don't have SP4 version for New Zealand yet.


On another note, I'm wondering how the script works even though the vs.PushAttrs and vs.PopAttrs are syntactically incorrect.

They should have parenthesis' -> vs.PushAttrs() and vs.PopAttrs()


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Thank you Tui,

I've made the parentheses correction but the problem is not solved.


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