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Layer Overrides for Sections and Ele's on SLVP's

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Hi all,


I've been testing a new workflow for phasing projects using layer overrides to show all demolition works in red pen whilst simultaneously retaining the appropriate hatch for the material (ie, differentiating PB, Masonry, etc. in a wall type). This has worked well in allowing me to play around with the extent of demolition works at the beginning of alts & adds jobs and overlaying existing onto proposed for visual comparisons. It also limited the amount of classes I had needed in the project


The workflow has been seamless in projects done in 2D and appeared to be working well in 3D up until I realised my hatches in the section VP's wouldn't take on the the pen colour attributes of the layer override. This is strange to me as the wall hatches displayed in the section VP (which are set to 'use attributes of original object') are exactly the same as they are in plan, just cut vertically. It only seems to work if the VP is in Wireframe or is a Top/Plan view.


Attached is an image showing both plan and section with the same graphic attribute, layer overrides, etc. I can't seem to grey the existing either.


Given the layer override is supposed to override the pen attribute of objects on that layer, it one would think any pen work on that layer would turn red (hopefully even texture hatches in elevation).


If anyone has an answer or a similar workflow, I'd love to here it. Basically I just want to avoid an existing, demo, and proposed class/hatch for every single object or texture and use the layers to phase, nor use 2D fills in the annotation layer that will eventually become a coordination nightmare as larger scale projects change. Open to hearing how others go about phasing as well.




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You can do something a bit similar using class overides (not layer overides).


For it to work though you need to make sure the objects in the classes you want to overide are using "by-class" attributes (this probably includes the class settings inside any wall styles components whose fill colour you want to change), and "Use Attributes of Original Objects" needs to be checked in the Advanced Section Properties dialogue.


In this screen shot I overrode the fill attributes of some walls to a demo hatch.





I don't work this way so it may need a bit more playing around with as there are likely other hiccups I'm not aware of.


For my work I tend to just do demo plans (not sections/elevations) - so this work can just be in 2d. I will often just use an existing floor plan in a viewport and lay over a red demo hatch in the annotations to indicate objects to be removed. This is super simple and usually sufficient for most demo contractors to price from.




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