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Hang Position Data Tags

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Hi all, anyone know how to extract hang position names for data tag purposes?


I'd also love to reference universes used on that position, but that might be more of a long shot:)



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Ooh, thank you.  Don't know why I couldn't find hang position in the object function, but there it is.


I'd made a custom record for hang positions that had "Position Name" and a "Universe" text field, but now you've shown me where the name field is, it's probably easier to make it a manual entry.  It's just for display.



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Posted (edited)

Ok next question, how do I make the tag have an "object association"?  I have used the same field you did, but it says I have no object association.


It seems when I copy a default tag, it retains its object association.  If I change the layout, or try to create a tag from scratch, I seem to either break or be unable to obtain an object association.


Is there some feature that needs to be included in a tag layout to make or keep its ability to pull its fields' info from an object?  The association seems to break even if I don't change the text fields or their definitions.


Attached is a sample file with what I hope are sensibly named data tags in the resource manager.  If anyone has any insight, the vwx help website is being the opposite of helpful.

Bad Data Tag.vwx

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See if this movie explains it. I created a record with one field for the universe, attached that to each Hanging Position and added the numbers, then edited the existing data tag I made and have posted before that dynamically reports name and weight. Here's a movie and the file.







Universes Hanging positions and weight.vwx

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