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WIN 10 Meltdown

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Hi there


Things were going swimmingly on my new AMD Ryzen "Threadripper" Win 10 PC - then it started to hang on final/custom renders. It seems to have started doing this after a period of intense rendering - usually on final or custom renders - but occasionally fast renders. Ive ascertained that its not file-specific. Prior to this, the PC would crank through any rendering job I threw at it.


Towards the end of the render, after the CPU has been maxed-out on 99% for 10-20 secs, its like the PC just gives up and become completely unresponsive - no mouse movement or anything. The only way out is a hard reboot. The first sign of trouble was a render that ended with all my windows being re-arranged over my 2 screens.


After the hangs started happening regularly (within a few hours), I restored the C Drive to an Acronis  backup that was done 24hrs earlier. This didnt fix it.


The last time the hang happened, I rebooted to find that my desktop had changed and that the Win 10 start menu wasnt working.


My next step is a Win 10 Memory Test - which I have started and will take a couple of hours. There were no problems flagged after 1 hour of starting the test.


Can anyone suggest the next steps to trying to resolve this? 


Cheers in advance.




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I think that is more a hardware issue.

Bad fit for CPU Cooler, Thermal Paste Problem, bad fit in CPU Socket, Weak Cooler, ....

(All those things happen quite often - but normally from the beginning)


I would start with a Monitor App and check CPU Temperatures under load.

If it gets too high I would try demounting the Cooler to check these things and or

reset CPU into it's Socket again from scratch.


I don't think it is very likely but Motherboards or RAM can be faulty too.

Older Board generations often have to weak VRM's to run a TR 2990WX, at least

when overclocked. A weak Power Supply can also cause instabilities.

Low Case Airflow could also heat up Mainboard and VRMs too much.

Also I would check for latest Bios and Driver Updates.

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I see you have a 16 core TR (1950 or 2950)

Their power consumption should work fine in any available TR4 Board.

Stock and maybe moderately OC. Don't know if 4,4 GHz is stock or

highly OC.

If you use OC, it could also be the RAM that gets unstable.

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Hi Zoomer


Im not tricky enough to delve into the overclocking world - pretty sure its stock. 


I did some CPU load tests and it was fine - got up to around 75 degrees C (I think). Just seems to be VW mid-render that kills it. Really odd - my macbook takes forever to do final renders - but it gets there in the end. Ive boxed the PC back up and sent it to the supplier whilst I go on holiday!

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75°C sounds ok.


I see that stock 16 core TRs have 3.4 or 3.5 GHz.

If it has really 4.4 GHz, it is (factory) overclocked.

Maybe a bit too much ....

If you bought a complete machine, I also think it is best

to send it back and ask them about freezing.


I have build a Ryzen 2700X machine and haven't seen any problems

with the AMD CPU and VW SLVP calculation or Rendering in RW or C4D

so far. I also heard no complaints from others using VW and TRs.

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Hi Zoomer


Seems you are right:




Im pretty sure it was running at 4.4GHZ. Will try it running at the base clock speed.


Is it a known that a PC will completely freeze then break windows when it reboots - when the CPU becomes unstable?


Lastly - I see that the max temp is 68 degrees C. Given that mine reached 75 - does this mean I have a cooling issue??


Nice to know there are other with similar setups that are running well.



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No, everything looks alright.

It is not overclocked.


There is always

Base Clock (What you at least should achieve for all cores)


Max Boost Clock (When you use only 1 or 2 cores)


everything in between. Like in Cinebench, my Clock Speed is

mostly still higher than Base Clock.


68°C when rendering multithreaded is also pretty good.

So thermal issues seem unlikely.

You also already ran a Memory Test without any hint of problems.

As you sent it back, the vendor may have more options for

checking hardware problems.


10 hours ago, symo said:

Is it a known that a PC will completely freeze then break windows when it reboots - when the CPU becomes unstable?


It is always bad when an OS freezes or crashes.

Whatever the reason was.

Could be while trying to write data to SSD and in the worst case

such an unexpected interruption can destroy an operating system.

Which would need a repair or even installing again from scratch.


Another idea for VW freezing when RW Rendering would be any

security software like an antivirus that may interfere with VW

and forbid access to important files (?)

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OK - cheers. All makes sense. Will let you know how I get on.



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On 7/14/2019 at 11:46 AM, zoomer said:

You also already ran a Memory Test without any hint of problems.

As you sent it back, the vendor may have more options for

checking hardware problems.

As @zoomer already mentioned it  is probably a hardware issue.


I've lost months of usability due to memory issues and a motherboard defect. First they tested memory which came out ok, then the motherboard got tested which appeared to be faulty and got replaced. The instability/crashing seemed to be solved but after a week it was back. Then they did a longer test run on the memory and found out it was faulty after all so that got replaced. Added additional memory (same brand, type and series) and back were the problems (after a long test run). Al in all it took 5 months to get it all sorted out and then... once everything was running fine when one of those recent infamous patch Tuesday Windows updates bricked the whole thing due to a conflict with security software and I could start reinstalling everything from scratch. Grmbl.


Long story short, even if initial test don't show issues it may be a defect that requires more thorough testing to find out. What did solve quite a few pre-hardware trouble issues was that I had to do a complete new install of Windows and that solved some other issues. So you may want to do a refresh of Windows 10, especially if it has had several major updates. You can download the latest install ISO from the Microsoft website to get an as clean as possible install and then install the most recent drivers for your hardware. If it is a software issue after all then this might solve it (no 100% guarantee however).

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Hi Art V


Cheers for that. Ive sent my PC back to the supplier - so I really hope they nail it. 


Will reply with any useful info I get.



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