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No Fixtures in MVR but are in ESC

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I've got an old file that I've been updating and cleaning up some.  It had fixtures from many different years of VW and I wanted to update to the new GFDT fixtures.  Did this and when I tried to do a MVR file none of the fixtures show up in Vision.  No Patch, nothing.  However, if I export ESC everything is there and working properly.  I use my own Vision Mapping Data for addressing in VW19 and tried changing that back to the default to see if that was the issue, and still nothing.  Class visibilities are correct and on, so is Layer visibilities.  When I do the export to MVR I am getting a list of several custom lighting instruments that all correspond to the lights on the plot, however nothing comes through in Vision.  What could I be missing?

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I actually recently encountered the same issue with a lighting plot originally drawn in VW2017 and exported to Vision via MVR in VW2019. Exporting MVR showed all the fixtures in the MVR export dialog, but only the geometry came through on Vision import (and ESC worked as expected).


I stumbled on a solution while prepping to file a bug report... copy/paste everything to a new file.


Turn on all your classes (if you have multiple layers, you'll need to do each individually), Select All (Ctrl+A), Copy (Ctrl+C), start a new file in 2019, and Paste in Place (Ctrl+Alt+V). Export MVR and everything came through for me.

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