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Viewports disappear and move around the sheet



We're using the latest service pack for VW Designer 2019 and we're still getting this wacky behavior with viewports (see attached video).


Viewports disappear and migrate all over the page.  Once manually updated, they snap back to their correct position and visibility.  It's a chronic problem, so we often have to refresh viewports every time we visit a sheet to see their content.


Incidentally, I just learned that the latest Mac OS (Mojave) now has screen video capture (Command-shift-5) ... which might be helpful to others in communicating issues illustrated through animation.   



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Yes I've just started on vw2019 and finding this issue. My slvps aren't moving around the page but I do have to update them every time I visit a sheet to see them. It only seems to be a problem on section viewports (so far).


My file though was originally created in vw2018 so I was thinking that might be the problem. Was your file created in vw2019? Or perhaps created from a template which was created in a previous version?


I am looking at rebuilding my templates from scratch in the hope that this will 'clean out' some of this odd behavior.

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HI Boh, 


Yes, this file is one that was started in 2018 and then migrated to 2019. 


I'm curious to hear if creating a new template works for you, so if you go that route, let us know if that solves the problem. 


We've been steadily building our template file over the last decade, so I"m loathe to try and recreate everything unless its absolutely necessary. 

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So far I've managed to rebuild both our 'blank' template and workspace from scratch which wasn't too much of a big deal. (I've even documented how I did it so that I can easily do it all over again with each new release of VW).


The blank template is what I'll rebuild all my project templates from. It just has document settings settings, some scripts and common tool default settings adjusted - other than that it is empty.


I'm still pondering the best way of getting the content into the project template files. Copying and pasting from another 2018 template is probably not a good idea. For things such as viewports I'll probably have to to take screen shots of the 2018 settings and then adjust them manually in 2019....


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I am curious if in the end that strategy works.  I can see the logic in trying to keep the file lean so that fewer legacy items can cause problems.


For our workflow, we've taken the opposite approach.  With the exception of memory intensive libraries (symbols & textures), we keep most everything in our template file.  It means that a "blank" file is about 75mb and a project file is routinely around 250mb in size.  But so far we haven't run into much in the way of memory challenges.


Having everything in the template:  Sheets, Schedules, General Notes, Keys, Standard Symbols, Section Viewports (with standard annotation), etc... saves us a lot of time in recreating or importing these items and helps to ensure a standard across the office.  It also makes it easier for us to update our standards as most everything is predominantly in one place. 


It's great that all of us are experimenting with different approaches so that collectively we can get a better sense of what works and what doesn't.





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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hi @Taproot,

Please can you share this file so that I can take a look.


To me this looks like it might be an issue with the redraw.  Please can you try changing your navigation graphics.  Tools > Options > Vectorworks Preferences > Display > change the Navigation Graphics to Good Performance and Compatibility.

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