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Origin (centre point) for plant symbols

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Could someone please explain to me how the origin/axes work when you create new plant symbols?


I'm with a group studying Vectorworks, and we create plants by drawing a circle on the page and, with it selected, going to Landmark > Create New Plant.


When it comes to placing these plants, sometimes they work fine but occasionally they go off the screen somewhere and you then have to find them, double click to edit the graphics and move the circle to the origin point.


Exactly what is it that causes this problem? 




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there is an option when creating a symbol to either have the insertion point as the next mouse click or the center of the objects being turned into a symbol.  if you only have the circle, and it is 2D, i would make sure it is set to center of the objects.  just make sure that exactly what you want in that symbol is selected when you go convert to symbol. that should help with your random placement issues.

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Hi Rob,


Thanks for your reply.


Creating plants isn't like conventional symbols - there is no option for setting the insertion point, unless I am missing something?


We are drawing circles, then going to Landmark > Create New Plant (or Create Plant Style From Selection in VW2019).



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Is there anything else accidentally selected when the user creates the plant?

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Hi - I have the same problem - did you ever find a solution to this @phin?

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