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Projecting 2D planar on 3D crossection in viewport on sheetlayer

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I was wondering if it is possible to have 2D planar information show in a viewport on a sheet-layer.

It looks like I can only set a 3D viewport in front view or clip-cube viewport  in OpenGL or for example hidden line.  Not the screen or top/plan mode. So planar drawings can only be projected on a 3D detail or section on a sheet-layer using the annotations right ? Annotations work well but to do so in dozens of details is a hassle. I would much rather like to add a planar layer to a 3D model and have it show up properly on a sheet-layer in a viewport. 


Any  help appreciated.

cheers Francois

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Planar objects, Eg dims and text and 2d shapes can be placed in design layers, either as layer plane objects or stuck to other surfaces (Automatic plane mode is handy) and working planes, or as screen plane objects. Any of these can display in a vp. If such design layer objects are not visible, try toggling the planar prefs in vp OIP


Prefs are up in top third of the OIP. One for Display Planar objects. And another for Project screen objects. 





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Tx Benson,

The thing is that I use clipcubes to create vp on sheetlayers. On the sheetlayer I can no longer see the planar geometry with their object atributes since I need to set the vp on either hidden line or dashed hidden line. The planar info is affected by this setting to black and white.

I can however see object atributes of planar objects by setting the vp on OpenGL but only properly with very high resolution settings and still the OpenGL for planar objects atributes is a bit off.


So in other words, vp's om sheetlayers created with clipcubes are hard to combine with planar layers in 3D models. 

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Don't know if I understand you right, but maybe this helps:


- If you have a VP created from Clip Cube be shure to have the planar objects within the clip cube. Sometimes the projection of planar objects on screen plane are not located in the range of the clip cube section

- for planar objects on Screen Plane you need to have "Project Screen Objects" on the OIP of the VP selected

- for planar objects on Layer Plane you need to have "Display Planar Objects" on the OIP of the VP seleced.


I have just tested it, and you are right, depending on the resolution planar (line) objects may appear "weak" in Open GL renderings, but thats seems not to be a problem of VP's created with clip cube.

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Could the problem be that the VP is set to Black & White only? I can show color in hidden line for planar objects if they are located on a visible plane.  No luck with screen plane objects, because they are so unpredictable as to "location". Eg create them in the view, but the screen "location" does not correlate in the clip cube section)


The text object in example is applied in the DL to the front wall of the building (Automatic drawing plane).

The clip cube is configured to show the front view (elevation) of the building.

The SLVP>Advanced Properties>Display>BlackWhite Only is disabled.

The SLVP>Advanced Properties>Extents are set to extend fore and beyond. Adjust according to plane of the objects.



DesignLayer w:ClipCube.png


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Hi Tx again,

Text shows with atributes but you can't have planar objects with their atributes shown in a (clipcube)viewport on a sheetlayer.

So using annotations for adding 2D objects onto 3D crossections is the only way. A pity since a lot of added annotated objects in viewports is a hassle to work with.





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