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"unfold" roof to obtain actual roof size and run

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A few years ago I worked on a project with roofs slanted at an angle so that the edges of the roof are not square to the angle of the roof.  I was able to extract the actual size of the roof plane as a flattened form so that the run of the roof, the angles of the edges and the  number and length of SIPS roof panels could be determined. I cannot remember the exact method I used and cannot repeat the technique in VW 2019. Unfold surface does not work on a roof form as it is not a developed curved form. I have tried extraction, ungrouping then extracting surface, converting to 3D polygons in top view and iso, converting into nurbs then extracting etc etc.  A screen shot of the roof is attached


Does anyone know how to extract a roof plane from a roof object  in VW 2019 so that the shape reflects the actual run  of the roof.  

Slanted roof.jpeg

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you can use a worksheet to report the areas. there is a function that will calculate the areas of the roof along the slope. If you add a name to each roof face, you can sort the worksheet to give you the data for each roof face. 



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If you need the surfaces as graphic elements then use the Extract tool in extract surface mode.  In too preferences set the mode to planar surface.  


Each surface can then be rotated in a side view by the roof pitch so it is parallel to the Ground plane.



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