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Marionette commands not available from workgroup folders

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After just upgrading to vw2019 I have noticed that marionette commands are not available when the Marionette Command Library file is placed in the office Workgroup folder (in Libraries>Defaults>Marionette) however they do work when placed in the User Data Folder.


I have checked the Marionette Command Library file is a 2019 file and double checked the addresses and VW preferences for User folders.


Is there something I might be missing or is this a bug?

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This should be working - have you refreshed your libraries from the Resource Manager? This command is located when clicking the gear icon from the RM. 

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Thanks for the quick response Marissa. I tried refreshing the libraries as you suggested but it didn't any make any difference. Even restarted vw after refresh but to no avail.


The Marionette Command Library is definitely a 2019 file. When I cut & paste it from the workgroup location to the equivalent User folder location and restart VW the commands become available.


Other resources from my 2019 workgroup folder are available such as templates and custom hatches etc. As far as I can tell so far it's just the marionette commands playing up.


My settings in the attached screenshot. Maybe I'm missing something....




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Ahhhh I misread your original post, so sorry!

We do not support Marionette Commands located in the workgroup folder at this time only the User Folder.

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Ok thanks. Seems odd to not make them work from workgroup folders but I guess there is a good reason. 

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Though I am unsure as to why it wasn't included initially, we do have an existing wish to have it implemented at some time,  I cannot guess when that may be. But we're certainly aware of the benefits of adding that option in the future.

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