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Cannot make sense of Origin

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For years I have wondered how to use VWs Origin settings.  I can't make any sense out of the way VW deals with placement of 3d objects.


For example, I create a simple object.  I then use the Center the DWG on the Internal Origin.  The 2d picture snaps to center.  When I click any isometric view, the object is at the top of the “frame/active area”.  I can manually center the object in the frame and all is well until the next time.


If I am looking at a properly centered object and snap on an edge and drag a rectangle, for example, the newly created part may be completely out of the frame and hard to find.  Doesn't matter if the new object is 2d or 3d, it jumps to odd places and requires dragging or cut/paste or translate to get it back to where it is supposed ot be.  


Why this behavior?  This is a pain to chase after all additions to a dwg.  Am I missing something?

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